Wound Wash + Skin Protectant
  • One Quart will treat500-750 Cows
  • Inhibits the Spirochete Bacteria that cause Hairy Warts and Foot Rot
  • Works well with Copper, Zinc or other metal Sulfates as Biocides
  • More effective and safer than any other conventional footbath product
  • Uses Technology powered by nature to seek out and kill Bacteria on surfaces without irritation to the cows
  • Can be used as Spray, Dip or Foam
  • Made with approved ingredients and documented test results
  • Patent Pending Formula is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly
  • No protective clothing is needed by Farm Employees when working with this Product and is safe to breathe
  • Safe to be used on all Dairy Cows and other farm animals
  • Very soluble in all types of Water with no EPA concerns