Made in USA

Active Ingredients:

Benzalkonium Chloride (antiseptic) 0.11 %

The Smarter
Hand Sanitizer


  • Alcohol-Free, Non-Irritating
  • Child Safe, Non-flammable
  • Hypoallergenic, Scent Free
  • Prevents the transfer of germs
DermAphex® kills faster, kills more, and lasts longer than the best alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the market today.

DermAphex® is a water based gel hand sanitizer designed to effectively kill 99.99% of germs without the side effects of alcohol. Powered by nanotechnology, DermAphex® continues to kill germs hours after drying.

The RAN Global water based Hy-IQ™ solution in test results has been proven effective. Refer to our website for additional information. Hy-IQ™ is safe and proven not to damage or dry out the skin.

In an independent laboratory test, DermAphex® with HY-IQ™ killed 120 times more germs in 30 secons than either purell™ or Germ-x, the top names in hand sanitizers.
Available in multiple tube sizes, commercial containers and bulk orders.