The Agricultural Advantages of APhex

Aphex Products Don’t Breed Resistivity

Products enhanced with Aphex ingredients don’t just kill superbugs, they help prevent the development of new ones. Aphex’s patent pending additive, ProtAphex, works on electromechanically weakening microbes at the structural level. By severely hampering a germ’s ability to resist any biocide, be it aquaternary ammonium compound, or even metals such as zinc or copper, the germs now cannot survive the often narrowly focused killing ability of those biocides. Aphex products don’t rely on the narrow band killing of normal antibiotics. Instead, they exploit a weakness in the structure of all microbes, thus leveling the playing field. In macroscopic terms, a person can build a resistance to arsenic over time by taking small, non-lethal doses of the toxin. However, no matter how many times a person stabs himself, he can never build a resistance to a sword.